Application #13: BL-2 Copy


Point Name: 攢竹 (cuán zhú) “Gathered Bamboo”

Meridian: Bladder

Element: Water

Polarity: Yang

Peak Time: 3PM to 5PM

In the hollow at the medial extremity of the eyebrow, or on the supraorbital notch. above the medial canthus

Local Anatomy: In the Supraorbital notch at the medial end of the eyebrow, in the frontalis and corrugator supercillii muscles.

Vasculature: The frontal artery and vein.

Innervation: The medial branch of the frontal nerve.

Martial Arts Usage
  • Dangerous
  • Disrupt Energy
  • Fight Ender
  • Knockouts
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Classes
  • Forbidden Point
  • Side Effect Point of the SI
Attack Method: Subcutaneously 0.3 – 0.5 inch or prick to bleed. (1) Straight insertion, 0.3 – 0.5 inch Sensation: local distention. (2) For eye diseases, the needle may be inserted at a slant and joined to (BL-1) Jingming, 0.5 – 1 inch. Angle is 15°.

Another extremely dangerous point!

It can cause extreme draining of energy from the body.

Physically, it can injure the eye. A light strike can cause headaches to persist.

If struck upward, knock out and even death may result.