Application #29: SP & GB Crossing Copy


Point Name: 輒筋 (zhé jīn) “Flank Sinews”

Meridian: Gall Bladder

Element: Wood

Polarity: Yang

Peak Time: 11PM to 1AM

1 cun anterior to Yuanye (GB-22), approximately at the level with the nipple in the fifth intercostal space.

Local Anatomy: 1 cun anterior to GB-22, approximately level with the nipple on a male in the 4th intercostal space.

Vasculature: The lateral thoracic artery and vein, the fifth intercostal artery and vein.

Innervation: The lateral cutaneous branch of the fifth intercostal nerve.

Martial Arts Usage
  • Disrupt Energy
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Classes
  • Trigger Point of the Intercostals muscle
Attack Method: Obliquely 0.3 – 0.5 inch. Slanted insertion, 0.5 – 0.8 inch. Angle is 45°.

This point drains energy from the body when struck hard.

SP & GB Crossing