Application #31: SP-21 Copy


Point Name: 大包 (dà bāo) “Great Wrapping”

Meridian: Spleen

Element: Earth

Polarity: Yin

Peak Time: 9AM to 11AM

On the mid axillary line, six 6 cun below the axilla, in the seventh intercostal space, midway between the axilla and the free end of the eleventh rib.

Local Anatomy: On the mid-axillary line, 6 cun below the axilla, midway between the axilla and the free end of the 11th rib, in the 7th intercostal space.

Vasculature: The thoracodorsal artery and vein, The seventh intercostal artery and vein.

Innervation: The seventh intercostal nerve and the terminal branch of the thoracic nerve.

Martial Arts Usage
  • 108 Vital Point
  • Bone Breaking
  • Fight Ender
  • Knockouts
  • Sealing the Breath
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Classes
  • Exit Point
  • Trigger Point of the Latissimus dorsi, serratus anterior or intercostals muscle
Attack Method: Obliquely 0.3 – 0.5 inch. Slanted insertion 0.5 – 0.8 inch. Angle is 45°.

This point can wreck havoc on the energetic system of the body. A hard strike can even cause coma.

Liver damage can result from powerful strikes. Due to its connection with LU-1, it can also damage the lungs. The lungs may collapse and cause suffocation.

Due to its location over the ribs, the ribs can be broken if the strike is made perpendicular to the body.

If this point is used in conjunction with ST-9, knockout may occur and the Spleen can be damaged.