Application #32: LI-13 Copy


Point Name: 手五里 (shǒu wǔ lǐ) “Arm Five Miles”

Meridian: Large Intestine

Element: Metal

Polarity: Yang

Peak Time: 5AM to 7AM

Superior to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus on the line joining Quchi (LI-11) and Jianyu (LI-15). 3 cun above Quchi (LI-11), on the upper arm.

Local Anatomy: Located 3″ above LI-11 on the line joining LI-11 and LI-15.

Vasculature: The radial collateral artery and vein.

Innervation: The posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve; deeper, the radial nerve.

Martial Arts Usage
  • Fight Ender
  • Immobilization
  • Pain Compliance
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Classes
  • Forbidden Point
  • Origin Point
Attack Method: Perpendicularly 0.5 – 1.0 inch. Straight insertion 1 – 2 inch. Avoid puncturing artery. Angle is 90°.

This point is known to quicken the connecting vessel. Medium power strikes may cause temporary paralysis of the arm. Even lighter strikes will cause localized pain.

This is noted by some as a Forbidden Point in acupuncture.