Application #36: Head of the Biceps Copy

Head of the Biceps

The biceps brachii muscle is one of the chief muscles of the arm.

The origin at the scapula and the insertion into the radius of the biceps brachii means it can act on both the shoulder joint and the elbow joint, which is why this muscle participates in a few movements of the arm.

It derives its name from its two heads which merge in one unique distal body, defining the unusual structure of the muscle.

The biceps brachii muscle receives its innervation from the C5 and C6 fibers of the musculocutaneous nerve. The brachialis muscle originates on the distal portion of the anterior humerus, and inserts on both the coronoid process and tuberosity of the ulna.

Blood supply Arterial supply to the biceps brachii muscle varies considerably, coming from up to eight vessels originating from the brachial artery in the middle third of the arm.

Possible Effects of a Strike:
  • numbness of the arm, including temporary paralysis
  • split of the bicep
  • injury to the biceps muscle
  • localized pain