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Secrets of the Spear Hand

Learn over 40+ techniques and pressure point self defense for the common kata move, spear hand.

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Professor Rick Moneymaker — Founder

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The DSI makes all techniques hurt 10 times more!
Grandmaster Rondy McKee
8th Degree TKD Black Belt and Owner of the World's Largest Martial Arts School
White Tiger TKD
The DSI is where I go to learn new techniques!
Master Russell Stutely
Europe's leading Pressure Point expert - russellstutely.com
There is nothing out there better than DSI science, It makes sense and it is proven!
Dennis Lane
WKA World Full Contact Champion
With ‘MARTIAL SCIENCE’ the Dragon Society International is simultaneously moving martial arts forward and returning it to its TRUE roots. Regardless of your art...
Grandmaster Willie Lim
9th Degree Black Belt & TKD Grandmaster