Sight Alignment

The sights must be properly aligned to make consistent and accurate shots. In the diagram, you can see the importance of the front sight. Wherever the front sight is in relation to the rear sights will determine shot placement.

When the front sight is not centered and is to the left, shots will go left. When the front sight is right, shots will go right. Likewise, a low front sight will cause rounds to hit low.

As you can see, the front sight alignment is critical. This is why we focus primarily on the front sight. In the industry this is known as “Front sight press.” In other words, when the front sight is on the target and you need to engage it quickly, you can press the trigger and rounds are likely to be on target. This is what we refer to as combat accuracy when speed is the matter of life and death. For marksmanship training, take the time to achieve proper alignment between front and rear sights.